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Electric vs Diesel Vans | Costs And Savings

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If you are trying to decide between the new electric Mercedes Sprinter or the regular diesel model, read through these answers to common questions. It comes directly from Mercedes and covers a lot of key selling points. If anything not included here comes to mind, please add it below.

Mercedes Sprinter Electric vs Diesel

Are electric vans more expensive than diesel vans?

Although electric vans are more expensive to buy than conventional vans, the total lifetime cost is lower, for several reasons.
  • Electric vans are cheaper to run. It’s cheaper to charge a vehicle with electricity than it is to fill it with fuel.
  • Electric vans are cheaper to maintain. As well as being less prone to general wear and tear, electric vans have fewer working parts than conventional vehicles – so there’s less to maintain overall.
  • Government grants lower the cost further. The government Plug-in van grant provides a discount of up to 20% of the cost of your new electric van up to £8,000 – and you also won’t pay for road tax. Business owners can reclaim 75% of the cost of installing up to 20 charging points (up to a maximum of £500 per socket) through the Government’s Workplace Charging Scheme.
  • You won’t pay congestion charges. As the government looks to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, they’re endorsing and encouraging the use of electric vehicles, making electric vans exempt from congestion charges across the country. For the London congestion charge, this currently means a saving of £11.50 per day, per vehicle for fully electric vans.

What tax benefits are there for businesses with electric vehicles?
As the government seeks to increase the number of electric vehicles on the roads, it’s putting in place a number of incentives for businesses, including reduced tax bills for drivers, no company car tax for electric vehicles, exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and increased rates for capital allowance claims.

What sort of finance packages are there for electric vehicles?
Every decision you make for your business needs to make sense financially – and when you’re just getting started with electric, making big purchases can feel risky. At Mercedes-Benz Vans we offer a range of finance options for electric vans. Having the flexibility to lease an electric vehicle is ideal for businesses who are just starting to expand into electric, as it allows customers to trial electric vehicles without being tied into a long term commitment.

What is the long term value of an electric van?
All Mercedes-Benz electric vans include an 8-year battery warranty, ensuring that the long-term residual value of the vehicle is protected. Additionally, the entire range shares the same build quality and commitment to precision as conventional models – including guarantees such as the 3-year unlimited vehicle warranty.
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